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A picture is worth 1000 words

V4S has been dealing with image processing technologies for many years. It was originally related to the securuity industry. Currently we are  working with image recognition systems for e-commerce and online publisher market.

We build the image recognition technology powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for fashion online business.

Our solution deliver new style of shopping experience by enable customers to use visual search instead of a traditional, text serach. Finding the right clothes has never been as easy as with our system. Our AI can also inspire online customers showing them new possibilities for their outfits.

Our technology can be used in e-commerce and by content publishers.

The power of the photo

Image detection

V4S development plans gained recognition, among others by obtaining EU funding in the field of Research and Development.

Our experts are constantly working on the use of image recognition not only for fashion industry but also for the furniture and interior industries, and then on part recognition for other sectors. 


Deep Learning Model For Semantic Image Segmentation

Our staff combines the experience gained while creating the largest websites in Poland with the knowledge gained during research at CERN

The need to understand the customer’s problems and solve them at the highest level has been with us continuously since our establishment in 2006.

We believe in the technology we develop. Each day is a new adventure for us in the search for solutions that are not yet known to the market.